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Giày Motor Icon Eastside Overlord

Mã SP: Icon Overlord
Size: 41
Giá gốc: 4.000.000đ
Giá giảm: 3.500.000đ
Giày Motor Icon Eastside Overlord Giày Motor Icon Eastside Overlord
Mô tả sản phẩm:

Tue confidence starts with the right footwear. The ICON Overlord boot is the demanding choice for denizens of speed. Where other sporting boots are heavy, ours is light, breathable, more dynamic for sport riding. Feel is of utmost importance at the limit, and the Overlord boot delivers while retaining proper reinforcement. The leather upper is combined with Overmolded mesh™ and articulated textiles for optimum performance while maintaining fit and flexibility. The TPU shin, heel and ankle plates, combined with a replaceable toe scuff guard, prepare the Overlord boot for duty at the feet of the aggressive ICON rider.

===> Tham khảo chi tiết sản phẩm tại : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FU1RnnjEHFc

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