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Komine JK-164 Supreme Protect Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Mã SP: Komine JK164
Size: M,L,XL,2XL Liên hệ 0924 02 0924 để biết chính xác size hiện có.XL
Hãng sản xuất: KOMINE
Giá: 7.500.000đ

Chi tiết sản phẩm Komine JK-164 Supreme Protect Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

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  • Flagship model equipped with CE standard level 2 protectors on the shoulders, elbows, chest, back and flanks.
  • Uses a chest protector that combines the ease of wearing of the split type and the protection range of the integrated type.
  • Equipped with an optional neck protector for a jacket with the best safety performance.
  • Textile x mesh jacket
  • Adopted 3D mesh panel on the back lining to improve breathability (Patent No. 6456099)
  • Equipped with resin sliders shoulders
  • CE standard level 2 soft protectors standard equipment -shoulders, elbows,Armpit
  • CE standard level 2 hard protector standard equipment spine
  • CE standard level 2 integrated chest protector standard equipment
  • Reflector for increased visibility at night -upper arm,back
  • Fitting adjuster with supporter function waist
  • Connection zipper that can be connected to compatible pants (PK-745, PK-746)/ Anti-counterfeiting 4D label
  • Materials : [outshell] nylon, polyester, polyurethane [lining] polyester
  • Reflector : Equipped with a reflector that enhances visibility at night

  • Copy Protection : With anti-counterfeit label applying special hologram technology

  • Mesh : Uses breathable mesh material

  • Type B connection zipper : Can be connected to a jacket or pants equipped with a Type B connection zipper (please select the same size for the jacket and pants to be connected)

  • CE Standard EN1621-2 Level 2, Protector that meets CE standard EN1621-2 (Level 2) for back protector

  • CE Standard EN1621-3 Level 2, Protector that meets CE standard EN1621-3 (Level 2) for chest protector

  • CE Standard EN1621-1 Level 2,Protector that meets CE standard EN1621-1 (Level 2)

  • Standard protectors on shoulders, elbows and spine

  • Elbow/Knee

  • 3D Mesh

  • 3D mesh pad

  • 3D Pattern